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Your body has been changing since the day you were born, let it continue to change. Let it fatten, let it thin, let it bloom, let it blossom, let it shrink, let it wrinkle, let it die. - And celebrate it all.

C. Jane Kendrick

Posted on Saturday, April 7th 2012

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Navigating Murky Body Image Waters With Yoga

Enjoy a sample of this post, written by Michael Taylor.  Or better yet, click on the above link to read it in it’s entirety.

For many of us, we don’t feel healthy, we feel sick. So we turn off feeling. For many of us, we don’t believe we can create, so we turn off creating. We know really well the destructive avalanche that comes from turning off. Switch it back on. We can do it. We can get to know just as well the creative life that comes from tuning in.  

It’s not about a doctor, a friend, or a company telling us what we can or should be. When we’re not creating, those things can all be pretty noisy. When we are creating, the noise dissolves; our own signal is our greatest and most natural guide. We know what to eat. We know how to live. Suddenly, inevitably, we’re happy. We’re who we are. Nothing takes away from that. When I’m me, and you’re you, and we’re creating what we want… no ad campaign in the world can touch us. We just feel good. We create the life we want, because we can.

Posted on Thursday, January 19th 2012

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Love Your Tree

You may think this is a post on enjoying vrksasana. Actually it’s a wonderful poster campaign sponsored by The Center For Eating Disorders At Sheppard Pratt to merge positive body image with creative arts across Maryland schools. Specifically:

Love Your Tree is an arts-based body image campaign based on the work of author and activist, Eve Ensler.  Ensler’s award winning play, The Good Body sends a message to stop hating our bodies and encourages us all to challenge society’s narrow definition of beauty. The Love Your Tree program was created six years ago as a creative avenue for this important message to reach young people in schools and organizations throughout our state and beyond. Middle school, high school and college students from across Maryland are invited to create and submit original posters that illustrate their positive response to the phrase, “Like a tree, my body is…”. This campaign provides students with an opportunity to use art as an avenue for learning about and expressing messages of self-acceptance and appreciation for body diversity.  Center for Eating Disorders staff are available to provide free, on-site Love Your Tree workshops for schools and youth organizations wanting to take part in the campaign.

Eve Ensler’s play, The Good Body is a truly amazing work.  As important as the Vagina Monologues were/is, I wish The Good Body had gotten the same amount of press. If you’ve ever lost your mind, even for just a little bit while trying to create “a good body”, read this play.  It’s about how we waste so much time trying to have “a good body” that we don’t have any time left to have “great lives”.  How it’s not an accident that women must be “smaller” to be consider “good” in our society.  Having students as early as middle school aged, become cognizant of this is an amazing thing.  

Visit Facebook for photos from last year’s reception and to see Katie Dunklee, the winning artist, posing with her amazing poster.  For official rules and a registration form click here:  To read the call for posters, click here:

Posted on Tuesday, November 22nd 2011